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The mortar and pestle are objects inspired in the Colombian culture. They can be used to grind or crush spices, seeds or substances to be consumed. The product is designed to be durable due to its special resin and nonporous composition. This kitchen utensil has a nonstick surface and it also repels water.

The Colombian culture is a mixture of five regions, with more than ten different cultures. This object gathers features of our pre-Columbian culture, which with a Western influence, proposes a piece of modern design. Alfil is not only a kitchen implement but also a piece of Colombian design that evokes with its form and concept our country.


Barichara table by David Del Valle

Barichara stones are sandstones original form the mines of Santander, Colombia.

Characterized by they hardness and its marbling in red, ocher, yellow and white tones; these stones are usually used
for facades, roads, sculptures, and fountains thanks to their resistance to outdoor weather.

The result is a unique and unrepeatable object that lies somewhere between design and art; where shapes and
colors tell the story not only of a material but also of a town and an artisan that with the work of his hands brings out
the beauty of the raw material and tradition that has put his region on the map.

Considered a national monument since 1978, Barichara is one of the most beautiful towns in the country, thanks
to its implementation of carved stone into their everyday architecture. It’s these labor, which inspired us to work with this region and its artisans, in search of bringing the beauty of its street to
new spaces.

12042018-Barichara table by David Del Va
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