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To the southeast of El Guamo in Tolima, there is a territoryin which the magic of mud and colors combine to give life to a ceramics full of history called La Chamba, where the most iconic pieces of Colombian ceramics are made.


The village of La Chamba is one of the most recognized ceramic centers in the country.

It is located in the department of Tolima, 10 km from the town center and 14 km from El Espinal. Its economy is based on agricultural production and the elaboration of handicrafts is carried out by more than 85% of its population.
For more than three hundred years, the inhabitants of this village have dedicated themselves to pottery and their knowledge has been passed on from generation to generation, until becoming a tradition the work of clay and the creation of pieces that bring with them the history and culture of a typically handmade region.




Andes is made in the traditional technique of the Chamba but with the characteristic of scratching the surface manually to give it a more tactile visual texture and at the same time more artistic. These unique pieces are worked by hand by a lathe process and later we stay and coloring by ash to give its dark black tone.

These pieces can be used as pots or simple decoration have a very strong emotional and material load in Colombia as well as the interest of us to preserve this trade that every day are more limited craftsmen and the interest of new generations.

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