Born in 1988 in Medellín Colombia, he studied Industrial Design in Universidad Pontificia Bolivariana, Medellín.  

In 2010 he started working for the company Rolformados SA as their first plant Designer, where he developed his first Architectural projects with large-scale products, which allowed him to form the Design group that today lead the department in the company.  
In 2012 he starts his own business project Tu Taller Design S.A.S a company that he leads with his co-founder Julian Del Valle. 

During his career, his passion for physics and mathematics has led him to explorations in the field of materials and product development.  Currently, he is Design Director for the Poligono Brand, a line dedicated to designing, developing and producing objects that are somewhere between Art and Design. He also acts as Director of the international event Design Week of Medellín (which he also Co-Founded) where he presents the best design studies of Colombia and the world.  His last project is MakerHome, an initiative in which he focuses on developing modular houses of wood, with digital fabrication tools and quick ensembling times.

David  Del Valle also develops Desing Consulting for companies, organizations and public entities as well as products and projects as an Industrial Designer.


Medellin, COL  05001000


Tel: +57 3004657260

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I'm located in the city of Medellín Colombia, where I work with the local and international industry for the development of my projects. With a network that allows me to take my designs to the best events of international fairs, currently, I sell products in Colombia, United States, Costa Rica and the Netherlands.

My office is based in the neighborhood of Belen Fatima, in the Eastern center of the city. 

If you want to visit, please email me beforehand.


I consider that the design should be a service for society; Talking about sustainability isn't enough, all projects should be sustainable. We are launching products to market and we need to be more responsible with these decisions and the impact they carry.  Understanding our own context is essential and achieving globalized products is necessary, but at the same time, we must have respect for our environment.

The social component defines my work. I like to apply technology to the development of successful products in a coherent context.


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